050: The Best Watchman - Mar 19, 2014
050: The Best Watchman
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Maplestrip (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow, so I just found out this comic has been going again since the beginning of this year! Quite a lot of lovely strips to catch up again. This is still one of my favorite webcomics - keep it up!

Looks like everyone's hair is starting to grow back :3
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Hah, it's still updating very sporadically. I get inspiration to draw it in spurts and chunks, and then I move onto other projects for a while, but I always end up coming back to this eventually! I love this comic, I just think I lack the attention span to focus on one project for too long XD
Maplestrip (Guest) edit delete reply
I know how that goes, I have a similar problem, though at least you keep returning to it :)

And no matter how sporadic these updates are, I look forward to them just as much; if not more.
Spike (Guest) edit delete reply
Aww, I was somewhat hoping there'd be more of it, seeing as it's a comic that's been running for about two years. Ah well, I hope to see more some time, and in the meantime, it's made me want to see more of your comics :D