012: Best. Idea. Ever. - May 29, 2012
012: Best. Idea. Ever.
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Sarah edit delete

Obviously that is what should happen. Really, once you climb a ladder to the roof of a garage, there are very few other courses of action you could take.
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CyberSkull edit delete reply
I am so glad that I have such a fear of pain. I would not have survived my childhood otherwise.
frantalope (Guest) edit delete reply
I remember asking you all exactly what was going through your brains during this event. Nice to have the mystery solved!
JDxchmidt (Guest) edit delete reply
Well peeling off the shingles and throwing them like Frisbee's comes to mind for some reason.
Jack(chris) (Guest) edit delete reply
Haha, i like how you made us look so excited and crazy about going outside.
Sarah edit delete reply
Mostly just you looking crazy XD