109: Rain Shower - Feb 13, 2017
109: Rain Shower
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Sarah edit delete

And this is the last one for now! As always, thank you for reading and checking up on this comic every once in a while. Per usual, I'll try to make my next chunk of updates sooner rather than later, but with a wedding to plan and a house to start trying to buy, there's no telling what's going to happen next.

Be good, y'all!
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Arlene C Harris (Guest) edit delete reply
thank you for sharing your wonderful comic (and wacky family) hope to see more soon, and happy wedding planning
(Guest) edit delete reply
CTJ (Guest) edit delete reply
Just started reading this web comic after seeing you as a guest artist on an old Extra Credits episode and I have to say I really love it
Star Butterfly (Guest) edit delete reply
GummyCat (Guest) edit delete reply
Me too!
Tanya M Motrie (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm telling my friends about this.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Congratulations!! Have a gigantic wedding!
And good luck with the money squeezing, house selection, and any surprises that may happen.
Silent As Shadows (Guest) edit delete reply
Awww, over a year later and still no updates... guess this one is dead, huh? :/
MRAGGGAN (Guest) edit delete reply
I’m gonna assume it’s dead. I have her bookmarked in my favorites, and check every few weeks. Makes me sad. I found her riiiiight after she stopped, and was so excited for her to pick it back up.
Neep (Guest) edit delete reply
Doesn't need to be dead, I think it's just sleeping. Planning a wedding is much work, and depending on the family planning there are some years to go before anything resembling a working routine can shape again. I'm positive the comic will go on sooner or later.
Snoots (Guest) edit delete reply
A friend just pointed me to this today (2021-2-08). I was really enjoying it... and sorry to see it end. It was an unusually "real" comic and a great read. Thank you for the fun. :)