The Comic

Fluffernutters is the true story of me and my siblings while we were weenie little kids. We were up to all sorts of hijinks and mayhem, and I'm here to share it with the world.

We've always told stories of ourselves as kids, it's like a badge of honor to compare stories and figure out who did the worst or stupidest thing when we were little. And with so many stories collecting inside our heads, it's always been a dream of mine to turn it all into a comic strip. After finally finding a cute and easy style to draw it in, I've turned it into a reality. I gathered stories from my mom and my siblings, including a lot of things about myself that I totally forgot about.

Hopefully y'all will enjoy some of the madness and mayhem we embarked upon while we were little and a little dumb.

The Creator

I'm Sarah White, a freelance artist working out of Denton, Texas, though originally from a planet somewhere in the vicinity of Beetlegeuse. My artistic specialties are comics and sequential art. When I'm not drawing, I'm playing video games and reading cheesy fantasy novels. I live with my Boston Terrier dog Bacon and my pretty kitty Samoa.

The first webcomic I ever did was called Kastle Comics, and it too was a real-life comic strip, this one about my job as a girl working at a comic book shop. It lasted about two years on and off, and was an excellent learning experience for me. While I stopped drawing it after I left that job, the whole comic can still be read online: Kastle Comics

I've had a deviantArt gallery for eight years now, and while some of the early art is really embarrassing, it's also a testament to how I've grown as an artist, which I find really interesting. You can check out my gallery anytime: Sarah on DeviantArt

The Characters


Amanda aka Manda

Age: 7

Likes: Barbies and the color pink.

Dislikes: Boys and bugs.

Known For: Bossing around her younger siblings.




Age: 5

Likes: Kittens and coloring.

Dislikes: Bugs and strangers.

Known For: Getting into trouble and being really clumsy.




Christopher aka Chris aka Criffer

Age: 4

Likes: Cars, trucks, bikes, and Legos.

Dislikes: Spiders and the color pink.

Known For: Being the "man" of the house and doing dangerous things.



Amelia aka AmyAmy

Age: 1

Likes: Socks.

Dislikes: Loud noises.

Known For: Being a baby.



Frosty aka Mommy

Age: A lady never tells.

Likes: Reading and playing computer games.

Dislikes: Doing dishes and laundry.

Known For:  Working at Friendly's Restaurant and being an awesome mom.