096: It Could Be Pee - Mar 28, 2016
096: It Could Be Pee
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Sarah edit delete

That's it for now... I'm getting SO CLOSE to 100 strips! It's only taken like three years to get there, hah!

It'll probably be a while before I get around to drawing more, but I hope those of you who enjoy reading will remember to check back from time to time :)
User comments:
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
We will miss you while you collect and draw new strip ideas. Don't be so long this time.
Sarah edit delete reply
Hah, gonna do my best! I already have a few more strips in the works, so hopefully it'll only be another two weeks or so before I have more to upload :) Crossing my fingers!
Maplestrip (Guest) edit delete reply
More like four years, but close enough :p As always, I'll be sure to check back every few months.

I've written a review on Fluffernutters on my webcomics blog. It's pretty positive and nothing really groundbreaking, but this is a webcomic worth talking about :) (also, it was Easter and I needed something easy to talk about this week)
Feel free to check it out, if you like: http://webcomics-commentary.tumblr.com/
Sarah edit delete reply
Aw, thanks for that review! :)

I've already got another batch of comics in the works, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before I have more.
Remus (Guest) edit delete reply
Alrighty then, that seems fine =3. Just, not 4 years... never again...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
End of May, still checking back. Take your time, we don't mind waiting :)
Barnabus edit delete reply
Hi Sarah, I was a customer at Kingdom Comics, Ireally like this strip, but I really loved Kastle Comics, your art is so good. any chance of more Kastle Comics? Or a strip with that art style?
Jael (Guest) edit delete reply
I loved these! I just scrolled through them all. They remind me of my childhood, and were really entertaining! You have real talent
Sophie (Guest) edit delete reply
Found you on Reddit, just read every comic! All so adorable, reminds me of my childhood :) please keep posting!
Samantha (Guest) edit delete reply
So cute!!! Don't worry kid I used to have the same problem. Always denying it. Thanks for these adorable comics.