097: Radical Reader - Nov 21, 2016
097: Radical Reader
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Sarah edit delete

Another batch of Fluffernutters, headed the internet's way! As per usual, my urge to draw this comic comes in fits and spurts, and I just finished another spurt. Only a couple strips away form having 100 pages!

In other news, I got engaged over the weekend! I'm getting married to the best guy in the whole big wide world. Whoo!
User comments:
Centcomm edit delete reply
Conrgats and looking forward to new strips.
Travis edit delete reply
Congrats! I'm married to someone that reads like this. Multiple novels a week. I'm always amazed.
Sarah edit delete reply
I think my record was reading 32 books over the course of 2 weeks while I was stuck in bed with bronchitis.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Yay, new page! ^-^ Also: Congratulations!! I wish you the best, many great moments and times.
Sarah edit delete reply
Thanks! :)
Julian (Guest) edit delete reply
I found this comic when you linked to it on reddit a few days ago. Finally got caught up, and I love it. I'm the second of five kids and so many of these stories are so damn relate-able.
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!
Sarah edit delete reply
Wonderful, I'm really glad you're enjoying it! Having too many siblings is both a blessing and a curse!
Squirrel (Guest) edit delete reply
Is your fiance the same guy I've seen in a bunch of your comics?

Either way, congratulations! :D